LuxGuard Rubber Flooring

LuxGuard is a seamless rubber flooring that can be added to your shed to add value and easy clean up of spills. Hometown Sheds Lincolnton is happy to be the first to offer this new product!

In December of 2021, the prototype LuxGuard storage shed was delivered to the Hometown Sheds Lincolnton lot. The LuxGuard flooring that lasts a lifetime is a great add on for any customer looking to keep their shed floor clean and give the floor more durability.

Hometown Sheds Lincolnton is always looking for ways to improve our storage sheds. We always want to be sure you get the best value for your money! With the LuxGuard seamless rubber flooring option added to your shed, you will be adding more comfort and strength to the already tough Hometown Sheds flooring system.

If you have lawnmowers, forklifts or a vehicle to store in one of our sheds with the LuxGuard seamless rubber flooring, you will have the peace of mind of durability and easy clean up.

Hometown Sheds Lincolnton offers purchasing options for all financial types. With our no credit check rent to own you only need one payment down to have your shed with LuxGuard seamless rubber flooring built and delivered! If you choose to go with a convectional finance, if you are approved, you may need no money down for Hometown Sheds to have your shed built and delivered.

Hometown Sheds Lincolnton wants to welcome you to visit the general manager Stephanie at her location to get a good look at the LuxGuard seamless flooring upgrade. You can visit her at 1408 E Main St Lincolnton (next to Wendy’s) or call 704-735-3334.

Want to build your own online? Please click on this link to do so

To apply for no credit check rent to own, please contact Stephanie at 704-735-3334 or click this link to do so

Please visit our location at 1408 E Main St Lincolnton to apply for financing or call 704-735-3334.